Hondo Creek Recording is a brand new purpose built recording facility that offers top quality recording by experienced professionals in a relaxing environment that sparks creativity and enhances workflow.

Hondo Creek was designed by Wes Lachot and is built for the best possible acoustical environment for maximal sound recreation fidelity.

Nestled in a wooded and secluded rural area (with plenty of free parking!) Hondo Creek is still close to Pittsboro, Chapel Hill and Apex/Cary.

The large and spacious tracking room with high ceilings and recessed lighting is also equipped with rotating acoustic panels that can either absorb or diffuse sound depending on how they are arranged. on one side

Hondo Creek features TWO isolation booths that can house a drum set, vocalist, horn section or can isolate loud amplifiers for maximum isolation.

The control room has been spec’ed and rated on par with some of the top recording control rooms in the world for audio playback fidelity. Truly, what you hear is what you get.

On top of all the top quality construction, design and gear, Hondo Creek strives to be affordable for the local musician on a budget as well as being able to provide top recordings for regional, national and international acts.

Call (919) 444-9729 or email mike@hondocreek to book a session or a studio tour today.