Just Plain Lucky Records was founded in June of 2005 by Scott Logan of Greensboro, NC. The focus of Just Plain Luck and its subsidiaries are to discover and release regional music that fits in with their vision of what good music is even if it is not trendy or currently in vogue. The first three releases will be a 7" by Stratocruiser, a band from Chapel Hill that specializes in garage-y pop and neo-classic rock soundsl.

A one-off 7 inch by ZiP Recording Artists Stratocuiser will mark the first release on Just Plain Lucky even though it will technically be under the Purple Cat Records subsidiary. Stratocruiser has become a critically-acclaimed band that stradles garage, power pop, 70's arena rock and psychedelia with equal aplomb. The single "Smell of Success" is a track that truly encapsulates the bands' sound in 3:20. "Guitar-driven, jangly verses that could have been part of the Byrds/Electric Prunes/Spirit/Standells garage-rock revolution. Only it isn't marred by muddy production or excess vocal distortion" - Berkely Place

Look for "Smell of Success" July of 2005.


Just Plain Lucky has just signed Michael Slawter. Early last year Slawter built a studio in his house and has since been recording new tracks for a solo CD. Slawter is well known among those in the national a regional pop-rock scene for founding and fronting The Saving Graces and Neidermeyer as well as being a member of Speck and The Lovely Crashes. A few months ago Slawter went with Anthony Foltz down to Jamie Hoover's (Spongetones) Hooverama and recorded 15 songs. The album is tentively titled "Songs For Small Victories". JPL is looking at a projected release date of late July or early August so stay tuned.

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